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Welcome to my little herd of Purebred Arabian Horses! I have been raising them since 1984, after years of attending shows, wishing, wanting and waiting. Shahska, came from the Walton Ranch and has given me 3 lovely fillies. SM Sahara Bey (Bey Shah x Quando (Ansata breeding)) joined up in 1987 and has had 4 colts!

Meet SSHADOW, the grey in the bunch!
May 1, 1997 - July 3, 2012
Rest in peace my friend.
1992 G
Fame VF Bey Shah Bay El Bey
Star of Ofir
Raffoleta-Rose Raffon
Leta Rose
Armira *GG Samir Jacio
Aralique *Aramus
Bay Shahska
1992 B
Barrister Rex Litigator *Exelsjor
Bay Lady
CC Shazamata Ansata Shah Zam
Brusally Farata
Shahska Bey Shah Bay El Bey
Star of Ofir
Precious Baska *Bask
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Sshadow: Halter, Western, Hunter, trail and 'git them cows!

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Good Bye my Friends...

Pashah (Bey Shah x Precious Baska) came to me as a two year old from the Walton Ranch, Bend, Oregon.

Thamin Pashah in Bend, OR.
Thamin Pashah
May 27, 1982 -- January 22, 2004

With such sadness I post that Pashah lost his battle with founder on January 22, 2004. He brought me 20 years of joy and love.
I miss him so...

Top 5 Region IV 1985, 1986

At the Walton Ranch, 1982

Always a ham...

He had an illustrious show career, cut short by founder when he was 4 years old. Everyday he's in my thoughts and his spirit guides me. Our special relationship can not be put into words. He is still my very best friend.

Barri Bey in Bend, OR.
Barri Bey (Barrister Rex x Shahska by Bey Shah)
February 1, 1992 -- May 22, 2008

Sahara Bey with Fame Fever by Fame VF
SM Sahara Bey (Bey Shah x Quando)
April 4, 1984 -- Sept. 30, 2009

Shahska with foal, Barri Bey

SM Sahara Bey, her first snow in Bend

Bay Shahska (Barrister Rex x Shahska)