Arabian Horses
In the 50's (1950's that is) a wonderful lady named Sybil Roberts (Hardy) introduced me to her grey Arabian gelding named Spots. He was trained to the umph by Sybil and, to my surprise, she allowed me to ride him. Many years later (1972) I moved from Sonoma County, CA to Bend, Oregon and met Jennie and Lester Walton. That story can be found here. In 1982 I was finally able to afford my first purebred, Thamin Pashah (Bey Shah x Precious Baska), purchased from the Waltons. My heart has never been the same. Arabian horses know what you know and much, much more.

Highland Cattle
The year 1992 found me owning a ranch in So. Oregon. Four or five horses couldn't make a dent in the meadow grass so, out of necessity I got into cows. Not just any cows mind you, but Highland cows. Smart, interesting, fun to look at and very marketable, little did I know I'd have my heart captured....again. More on Highland Cattle.

On the road to....somewhere!
October, 2017, and I'm off again on another adventure. All the cows and horses are gone to the big pasture in the sky. I've sold my property in NE Washington and find myself traveling to see our wonderful United States (and some of Canada) - on a world class road trip!

Hoping to clean up and share a few new locations from my adventures. Yes, I still have dirty boots!

Bay Shahska with Sshadow

Shahska with Bay Shahska

Highland cow/calf pair